Elevate Your Accounting Practice:

Become a Business Protection Advisor

Discover a lucrative partnership opportunity designed specifically for accountants seeking growth and enhanced client relationships.

The Opportunity

Expand your accounting practice by partnering with WIS Business Protection.

Our unique partnership program empowers you to integrate tax-efficient insurance policies such as Relevant Life Insurance, Executive Income Protection, Business Loan Protection, and
Shareholder Protection into your service offering.

By providing these valuable solutions, you’ll increase your revenue, offer exceptional value to your clients, and set your practice apart from the competition.

Benefits of Partnering with WIS

As a WIS Business Protection partner, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including:

A profitable revenue source for your firm
Additional tax-saving strategies for clients
A service that sets you apart from competitors
Enhance your client relationships
Support from an experienced team

Our Comprehensive Support

When you partner with WIS, you’ll receive unparalleled support, including:

  • Comprehensive training and compliance monitoring
  • Complete back-office assistance, file reviews, and tailored reports
  • Professional indemnity insurance and system access
  • Ongoing guidance and support from a dedicated mentor
  • Marketing guides and advice

A Success Story

Testimonial from Anjuli - Director Ellacot Morris Ltd

We’re proud to present a compelling video testimonial from Anjuli, a valued partner and successful accountant who has experienced first-hand the transformative power of partnering with WIS Business Protection. Listen as Anjuli shares her journey, revealing how integrating tax-efficient insurance policies into her service offering significantly enhanced her practice, strengthened her client relationships, and boosted her income. This insightful testimonial is an invaluable resource for any accountant considering a partnership with WIS Business Protection.

Watch Anjuli’s story and see the potential of what your practice could become.

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