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Shareholder protection insurance: A comprehensive guide | WIS Business Protection

Suneth Silva

May 7, 2024

Shareholder Protection Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide Shareholder Protection Insurance is an essential tool for businesses,...

Key man insurance: A key investment to upsell to your clients

Suneth Silva

April 15, 2024

Understanding Key Man Insurance   Key man insurance, also known as key person insurance, is...

How accountants can help clients ensure business continuity

Suneth Silva

March 20, 2024

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the role of accountants is expanding beyond traditional bookkeeping and...

How Executive Income Protection Safeguards Business Owners

Suneth Silva

November 2, 2023

Being a business owner comes with a myriad of responsibilities, from overseeing day-to-day operations and...

What is key man insurance?

Suneth Silva

November 2, 2023

Key man insurance, often referred to as key person insurance, is a specialised type of...

Can Accountants Offer Business Protection?

Suneth Silva

November 2, 2023

The accounting profession has always been perceived as the domain of balance sheets, profit and...

Become a Trusted Protection Advisor and Help Clients Safeguard Their Businesses with WIS

Suneth Silva

November 2, 2023

As an accountant, you’ll know all too well the challenges your clients face and how...

Types of business protection and insurance

Suneth Silva

March 31, 2023

Introduction When you run a business, you need to ensure that it's protected from a...

How much income protection do I need?

Suneth Silva

March 24, 2023

Introduction Income protection is designed to protect you from the financial consequences of being unable...

How many employees does a relevant life policy cover?

Suneth Silva

March 10, 2023

Introduction Relevant life insurance is an important part of any business and it's something that...

Do you pay VAT on key man insurance?

Suneth Silva

March 3, 2023

Introduction Key man insurance, also known as key person insurance, is an insurance policy that...

Can you claim income protection while on sick leave?

Suneth Silva

February 24, 2023

Introduction Income protection insurance is a form of long-term insurance that pays out a monthly...

What is the purpose of key person insurance?

Suneth Silva

January 6, 2023

Key person insurance is a type of business insurance that helps you protect your company...

Relevant life insurance vs life insurance?

Suneth Silva

December 23, 2022

Relevant life insurance and personal life insurance exist to fulfil similar outcomes for those involved...

How Does a Relevant Life Insurance Policy Work?

Suneth Silva

December 16, 2022

Relevant life insurance policies provide businesses and employees with a cost-effective form of coverage that...

What does private medical insurance cost?

Suneth Silva

December 9, 2022

Private medical insurance is a notable employee perk that business owners can use to entice...

What does key person insurance cover?

Suneth Silva

December 2, 2022

Although every employee in a company plays a vital role in the overall success of...

What are the conditions on a relevant life policy?

Suneth Silva

November 14, 2022

As an employer, it is important to you that your employees feel valued and taken...

Is vat charged on relevant life insurance?

Suneth Silva

November 7, 2022

Relevant life insurance is a tax-efficient way for a business to provide death-in-service benefits for...

Do small business owners need life insurance?

Suneth Silva

October 24, 2022

Running a small business comes with many challenges, from coming up with an innovative service...

Life insurance for employees: Why it’s important

Suneth Silva

October 21, 2022

There's more to working relationships than just professionalism. A strong sense of friendship and personal...

How to arrange shareholder protection cover for your business

Suneth Silva

October 4, 2022

The death of a shareholder can be a difficult time for a business. Their shares...

Do I need private medical insurance

Suneth Silva

September 27, 2022

Do I need private medical insurance? Let us answer this question by exploring the benefits...

What is key person insurance and who needs it?

Suneth Silva

September 22, 2022

Key man insurance provides protection against the loss of key employees. This article answers the...

Can you take out life insurance on a business partner

Suneth Silva

September 20, 2022

Learn the answer to 'can you take out life insurance on a business partner?', the...

Can an LLP own a relevant life policy?

Suneth Silva

September 15, 2022

Do you, a partner in an LLP, need a safety net for your loved ones...

Is life insurance on a mortgage the same as PPI

Suneth Silva

September 12, 2022

in this article and learn which option is ideal for you. When you apply for...

How does income protection work for newly self employed

Suneth Silva

September 8, 2022

If you recently started a business, you might be wondering “How does income protection work...

Is shareholder protection insurance tax deductible

Suneth Silva

September 6, 2022

Want to know if shareholder protection insurance can be written off against your tax? Read...

Can a shareholder be excluded from shareholder protection

Suneth Silva

August 31, 2022

Can a shareholder be excluded from shareholder protection? Read on to find out the answer...

Types of insurance for entrepreneurs

Suneth Silva

August 29, 2022

Are you wondering which insurance is right for you as a business owner or service...

How can minority shareholders protect themselves

Suneth Silva

August 24, 2022

How can minority shareholders protect themselves? Learn this and much more in this article. Unfortunately,...

How do you reduce your insurance premiums?

August 24, 2022 - Presented by:

A guide to excepted group life vs relevant life plans

Suneth Silva

August 22, 2022

Find out about the difference between excepted group life vs relevant life plans so you...

Personal injury protection vs health insurance

Suneth Silva

August 18, 2022

If you already have health insurance, do you need personal protection insurance? We explore personal...

What is Business Life insurance used for

Suneth Silva

August 15, 2022

What is business life insurance used for? This post explains how business life insurance can...

Life assurance vs relevant life insurance

Suneth Silva

August 8, 2022

Learn more about the differences between life assurance vs relevant life insurance from the team...

How Much Does Key Person Insurance Cost?

Suneth Silva

August 2, 2022

Key person insurance offers protection against financial hardship caused by the loss of a key...

Relevant Life Insurance | What You NEED To Know

July 27, 2022 - Presented by:

Is key person insurance taxable?

Suneth Silva

July 25, 2022

Key Person Insurance taxation rules can be confusing. What are they and how are they...

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