What The Best Private Medical Insurance Means For Businesses

Private medical insurance is a key service for many people across the UK. Providing priority medical services for a range of different people across the country, private insurance makes sure that urgent treatment goes to those most in need when they are struggling with their illnesses. Knowing which insurance is best is key, and helps when making the most of your healthcare budget. In this article, we discuss what makes the best private medical insurance and why having business income protection that matches it is key to better company practices.

What Makes The Best Private Medical Insurance?

There are several different things to look for when finding the best private medical insurance available. This is a complex process, relying on a range of different factors. Read on to find out more about what separates high-quality medical insurance from its competitors:

Comprehensive Cover

The best health cover is that which protects from a wide range of different maladies. After all, in the event that you have health cover that only covers the most standard illnesses, having a more serious issue means that you can find yourself facing significant waiting times with public healthcare or without the best possible care providers around. Using the right private medical insurance means that you receive the best possible care no matter what your issues are, as all of your potential illnesses fall within the policy. Keep in mind that this differs from critical illness insurance, as critical illness insurance covers exclusively severe illnesses.

Insurer Accessibility

Ease of contact with the insurer is another key aspect of finding the best possible medical insurance. In the event that you have a medical emergency, contacting your insurer as quickly as possible is key to ensuring that you have all the care you need. An insurer with a good speed of reply and easy methods of contact ensures that you have the right support in place whenever you contact the insurer and can get to your all-important treatment plan as soon as possible, without any administrative delays.


Understanding the nature of your health insurance is a key part of making the most of your private medical insurance. This means that you know when you are best served by using the medical insurance, and when it is ideal for relying on the NHS provision of care. The best possible private medical care options provide a wealth of information around what the policy covers and the extent of support policyholders have in a range of different medical issues. This means that those with health insurance always understand their situation, and can react accordingly without having to go through a series of customer service representatives.

Why Combining Medical Insurance With Business Income Protection Is Important?

In the event that a business provides all of its members of staff with medical insurance, the business needs a way of protecting itself in the event of an accident too. This is where making full use of a business income protection insurance policy is key. A business income protection policy pays out when an employee is incapacitated, making up for the loss in income as a result of losing the employee for a protracted period of time.

Depending on the specific member of staff in question, this is a significant adjustment for any company in the event that there is no business income protection policy in place. For example, losing your top sales person means a severe fall in revenue without any way of getting the sales back in the short term. In this case, the private medical insurance makes sure that the member of staff is back to work as soon as feasibly possible, and the business income protection insurance makes sure that there is no tangible loss of profits in the short term. The combination of policies protects the company from any significant impacts. This is especially important for the self-employed and smaller companies.

Why Get Private Medical Insurance As A Business?

Roughly 11% of UK citizens have some form of private health insurance, and it has clear benefits. As a business, rather than relying on your members of staff for having private medical insurance, invest in your staff’s health yourself by getting medical insurance on their behalf. The first benefit of this is that your staff get the best possible standard of care. Staff return to work from issues more quickly, and you lose less revenue as a result.

In addition to health issues having less of an impact on members of staff, private medical insurance improves the morale of your employees. They see that the company supports them in reducing medical issues, and this means that they invest their time and effort into the company as a result. Without having an active impact, private medical insurance actively improves performance in your company.

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